Sign From God

 ” Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ”  ~ Rumi ~ If I were the one reading the signs… Line from movie we watched before our run. Who? Three mile run terminating in the termination of the who […]

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Today it’s raining. The desert is at last getting her due after many thirsty months–her flesh and bones are finally being nourished by the soggy gray clouds dumping their guts all over her dehydrated  body. I’m sitting in Starfux, and boy is it bustling—I can barely keep my head tethered to this screen—the training of […]

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Grateful Soil

 “If desire is the seed ~ then gratitude is the fertile soil.”  ( a paraphrase ) ~Rod Stryker~ Thank you Chris, back then– aka, Mr Licorice. Thank you for that first awkward and sloppy and tongue twisting kiss. I hated it, and would not do it again when you asked, but you know… I adored […]

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A Broad Abroad ~ Part Three

October 11, 2012  The Griffin Berkeley street in the rain. I have a black umbrella. It’s dark and I’ve just unloaded some energetic tonnage. Light as I am, I’m not worried about walking alone in the darkness.  I peek my head inside Singh Sabha Gurdwara, the Sikh ashram that I noticed on my way to […]

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A Broad Abroad ~ Part Two

October 10, 2012 Linlithgow. Castle. Graveyard containing dead Kings and Queens.  Water and more fog. Dogs chasing balls through fluorescent green grass. Drinking coffee with J and her friend G, who picked us up from the train station in a white Audi hatchback. In the back seat of the hatchback, there are throw-pillows painted with […]

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A Broad Abroad ~ Part One

October 9, 2012 On my way from Phoenix to La. Today is the day I’m traveling away from the US of A. Zeb is in good hands, though they are not my hands, they are hands that love him. Am I excited? I would say I’m looking forward to going to Scotland, but I’m not […]

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Writing to Strangers

I Just wrote a letter to a stranger, but she wrote to me first. I joined something called, “Letters in the Mail,” a few months ago. For only five dollars a month, I get handwritten letters ( xeroxed handwritten letters) from strangers every month. I think I get 3 or 4, but I haven’t been […]

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Holy Shit

Cancer Galore. Young folks riddled with mean masses made possible by god knows what. Sirens and buzzes and beeps and chirping and hissing—more noise than I’m even letting on. Rush! Prioritze! Delegate! Breast, colon, and brain cancer…It’s so much more than you think. A tube in your gut, down your nose, your throat—a line in […]

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