She is the Me

She is the me who asked me on a date for tea. The me who is she were once strangers, you see. Who wanted a story. She is the me with lighter hair and thinner thighs. The me a smidge ( a tiny bit )  older. Who terrorizes with stories about what will happen to […]

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after work

one half trader joes organic frozen pizza and one whole sierra nevada summerfest and tomorrow begins august and dentist and white hair and red face and rough hands and seventies soft rock now easy listening rumbling through speakers and dont bother to make it commercial free and is he hitting on me and drool and […]

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A Jew Walks Into a Mosque

My fast on Friday was a success. If a successful fast is measured by completing the fast without eating or drinking or sexing as per the rules of the fast, then I won! I have a friend who is currently on day four of a fast that he intends to last a week, one that […]

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Nil Per Os

Nil Per Os. These are Latin words meaning, “nothing by mouth.”  And because in medicine acronyms are next to godliness, nil per os is shortened to NPO. NPO is what we medical professionals call patients who can’t eat or drink because they are having a procedure, have had a procedure and now possess a sleeping […]

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June. onE-HunDreD AnD 6 dEGrees. At 8pm. Persistent~Screaming SUN-light!!!!! ~air conditioning ( thank you, Jesus) ~ ceiling fans and NAP ATTACKS!!!! Cold Chillin’ Visions of mountains bursting into flames, people exploding, swimming pools being used to save the sizzling….sssssssssss. Helicopters hovering in the sky holding a giant shade over the sun from 7am until 8pm. […]

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Spiritual Insulin

Because I have suffered too many spiritual fools serving sickeningly sweet spiritual platitudes, I share this as an antidote: Thank you, Ken Wilber. “When it comes to spiritual teachers, there are those who are safe, gentle, consoling, soothing, caring; and there are the outlaws, the living terrors, the rude boys and nasty girls of God […]

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Death in Springtime

As predicted by our hyper-rainy ( and sorta snowy and haily) winter, the desert is  a-bloomin’!  Orgasms full of screaming color and spirit intoxicating scent are  mixing with ear-fulls of ecstatic bird songs and soft skin kissing breezes. The verdant body of our sonoran home is heaving and thrusting and exploding with orange poppies, sunshine-splashed […]

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Bad Dad!

You were not a great dad. You weren’t even really a good dad. Mediocre is too generous. You were a very bad Bad BAD dad. Not bad in a Michael Jackson kind of way,  you were bad in a Hannibal Lecter gives – you- nightmares- and – messes- you- up -good- kinda way Why do […]

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