Why NOT you?

Today I drove my mellow yellow beetle bug way out east to meet my friend Leah for a hair party with Raymond.  Raymond is a painter, musician, makeup artist, and self-described” barber” ; a well-rounded creative type.  He cut my hair while I was going to nursing school.  We would all meet at one of our pads, have […]

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Privileges – a freewrite

I am privileged I know.. I have good skin and teeth.  I live in a country rich and full of all of it…What do you want?  That’s the problem. ALL OF IT and NOW.  Not really true, I just want the perfect Kate experience which I suppose is happening now and forever it’s now and […]

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How I Make Myself Ill~a freewrite

I’m tired and I’m sad.  Tired and sad, not inspired to express these doldrums. Where do they come from?  The deserted gray town called Doldrumville?  Shannon reminding me of the Dharma while  pushing me ever so gently toward the herbal tea , forsaking the mocha with whipped cream that would almost certainly lengthen my stay in […]

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On a Wing and a Prayer

I started off 2010 with a mysterious head cold.  I say mysterious because, where did it come from????? It began on my birthday while watching Being John Malkovich.  Selena had invited Tip the dog , who is really named Arthur, and I over for a birthday dinner.  I was feeling blue having just gotten news of a […]

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