Left Side

The left side says so many things and most of them are songs that dance and tears that howl. The left side is caged animal with twisted spine and mouth wide open tongue hanging out sucking breath to ensure the dance continues. The left side is sadness. Lost self seeking flight. We used to be lighter than this. We believed in payoffs and paybacks and if we were good enough for long enough we’d eventually be enough enough. Left side is twisted hip pissed off and horny chick looking for a trick but not just any trick says right side ~ uptight bossy bitch. Left side wants to suck up the universe through yoni and invite some friends over to BBQ the moon full and swim in the galactic sea pool where it’s always okay to pee. Left side has no limits. Left side is crushed floating riblets stabbing at organ playing escape tunes. Left side is evangelist and isn’t embarrassed and won’t apologize and is perhaps a bit too lusty and chastity belt in place and left side needs to be grounded. Shut up right side! Left side is more. Left side is a spiral dance. Left side is shape shifter big shiny black bird her wings span all of everything. Left side travels at night when the light is only small or not at all. Left side screams ~ let me out! Left side is congested with out of date deep cellular scaredy cat not hers and that which doesn’t pass the test of safe safe safe won’t make it though tight invisible pre- fascial gate. Everything on board to keep left side safe = suffocating heart rot. Can you smell it? Set her free please. Pray for her deliverance to cultivate parts not given breath.. So many years to crawl out this far. To get head above bottom layer of lies. Crowning above the earth left side is reaching for the sun and do behold the sprouting of so many ME~s.

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