Now, Where Was I?

This picture was taken in Florida, three days after I met him. I let go of most of my bad-like-my-dad-man-cravings during this trip. A true miracle. I was ready for him when I traveled back to Az for our date on New Year's Eve.
This picture was taken in Florida, three days after I met him. I let go of most of my bad-like-my-dad-man-cravings during this trip. A true miracle. I was ready for him when I traveled back to Az for our date on New Year’s Eve.

Holy crap!

I haven’t said a damn thing in over four months! At least not a peep outta me in this white box. I took some time this morning to reflect on my lack of blog inspiration. Why haven’t I had the energy or  focus to untangle my hefty pile of thought knots?  I now realize that I’m constipated with experience. Since my most recent post on December 16th of last year, lots of shit round here has shifted. I’ve been force-fed change in huge round-the-clock helpings. I haven’t had the time to rest, digest, or to make sense.

I’ve been dizzy and disoriented.

However, I’m going to do my very best to push out a somewhat tidy-esque thought sequence about something I’ve been meaning to mention since it happened.

Oh, but before I do, please note that this post will likely only make sense if you’ve read the previous post. Of course, I can’t promise you anything in the sense department, as I’m only here to do my duty as human puppet. It will likely make more sense if you have read the previous post. There. All better.


The psychic was right. Yep. He’s here. In the flesh. As a matter of fact, I got an email from him as Candy and I were pulling up to the bookstore for our  psychic readings. I was doing the online dating thing and received scads of emails everyday, as I suspect most women do. I would delete the great majority of them after a quick scan of the photos and emails, because it was a lot of energy to manage, and I’m a fast non-Kate-compatible-man weeder-outer.  I did go on a few dates, but there was never enough sparki-ness between he and she to light she up. I wasn’t really optimistic about meeting someone who I was compatible with on multiple levels, which is how many levels I need to be met on. Multiple. I think I may have too many levels. Some people have too many pairs of shoes, too many projects, or too many cats. I have too many levels. An ex-boyfriend used to say to me, while cocking his head like a dog trying to understand the human condition, “You’re so intricate.”  Sweet, huh? So much kinder than the standard, “You’re so complicated,” that I was used to. No, I’m not dammit, I’m intricate!  Needless to say, it’s mighty slim pickin’s for me in the mate garden.  Along with all the obvious requisites, like honesty, integrity, kindness, and yadayadayada, I need to resonate with my partner on sufficient “of primary importance” levels to make our connection feel balanced and not all wobbly and less than four-dimensional. I realize this may be hard to follow, but with all due respect, this is my first blog post in over four months and I’m constipated with experience and I don’t have to make sense, because I’m intricate, get it?

Now where was I? Oh yes, the email from the man.  He was cute. He had the right vibe. The yoga/neo-hippie/educated/outdoorsy/adventurer/sensitive- but- masculine kinda vibe. And he had facial hair. I can’t help it, I have a hot for Jesus thing. Of course, it didn’t occur to me as I sat down to have my future told that I would later be reinterpreting her words to match up to this man.

Are you ready?

I’m not making this up.

Well, maybe I am in the sense that I’m making meaning out of experience.

The experience I speak of is accurate to reality.

The meaning is mine.

Of course, this reality I call reality is accurate to my reality which I do not claim to be absolute reality.

Not even close.

See what I mean?

Don’t get me started on reality…

The levels of reality…



Are you ready?

Reality ~ The psychic said I would soon be meeting my partner.

Reality ~ I went on a hike with this ( email on reading day )  man less than a week later, on Dec 19th.

Reality ~ She said he would have an accent ~ he was from Australia.

Reality ~ He has an accent ~ he’s from Alabama.

Reality ~ She said he was tall.

Reality ~ He’s 6’3″

Reality ~ She said he owned a business that required him to travel a great deal. Something to do with cars and motors.

Reality ~ He owns a business that requires him to travel a great deal. Something to do with bikes and mountains.

Reality ~ She said he owns homes. One in Paris and one in London.

Reality ~ He owns homes, one in Tempe and two in Colorado.

Reality ~ She said we would make great partners. I would be strong where he is weak, and he would be strong where I was weak.

Reality ~ So far the above seems to be true.

Reality ~ She told me that he would be very supportive of my dreams and he would inspire me towards them and I would do the same for him.

Reality ~ Yep.

Reality ~ She told me I would be quitting nursing to focus on writing, teaching, and creating art.

Reality ~ I still currently have my job, but …

Reality ~ She said my time in Phoenix was over.

Reality ~ I’m still here, but we’re leaving on a two month-long road trip odyssey come June, and then … ?

Reality ~  After she spoke about my coming romance, I asked her about a Mr. Wrong I had been holding on to for way too long, and even though I already knew in that way you know but don’t want to know, I didn’t want to know out loud and in front of my conscious mind. Still, she told me no way.  No messing up the details here. N O.

Reality ~ Before I ventured forth with Mr. Dude the Psychic Talked About, this No became reality. All of my levels shouted in agreement!  Finally. No!!!

My Meaning ~ Clearly, the psychic was talking about the man I have come to adore.


I’ll tell you more later.

Cause there’s






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