onE-HunDreD AnD 6 dEGrees.

At 8pm.

Persistent~Screaming SUN-light!!!!! ~air conditioning ( thank you, Jesus) ~ ceiling fans and NAP ATTACKS!!!!

Cold Chillin’

Visions of mountains bursting into flames, people exploding, swimming pools being used to save the sizzling….sssssssssss.

Helicopters hovering in the sky holding a giant shade over the sun from 7am until 8pm.





Still here.

I may never leave.

Tight rope and razors edge.

Skipping back and forth.

If I stay right here~~~


F a L l i N g.

Come back.

f Ai Li Ng.

Come back.

St AyIng.


If I stay…

In this dark room full of books and cozies galore, in the lap of southwestern luxury… if I keep the shades drawn all summer long…make like a bear in winter, no… like something cool and dark and wise…something nocturnal and sexy …if I just…




That is what the BIG SELF will say.


The little self wants to go away.


!!!!!(((((((Screaming and cussing, flames shooting out of the mouth of my mind like bullets))))))!!!!

Burning up from the inside out.

Made of fire and air.

“You are combustion!”  says a very well know astrologer to me. me. me.

Coconut oil self massage and sit down, sit down…the most important thing to do…is to learn how to STAY.

Sit down.

Shut up.

Let it be.

For now…


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