Sign From God

 ” Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ”  ~ Rumi ~

If I were the one reading the signs…

Line from movie we watched before our run.


Three mile run terminating in the termination of the who who thought she was otherwise.



Not so much.


Got it.

A circling of arms. Gobbled up by eternity. How long did it last?

She can gaze longer.

Tick. Tock.

S T I L L.

It happened that time in the Charlotte airport while Under The Boardwalk played.

He talked about bombs going off and how this song sung by his lieutenant was his savior.

I didn’t mean to cry.

Somebody call a WAAAAAMBULANCE!


He said—

We are the only ones in the airport.

And we were.

We are.

A miracle.


I thought it was US, but now I know it was me because it happened again and he’s not here.

Or there.

I am.

Clarify your aspiration.


Show me how I divide myself.

Show me how I am not in alignment with L O V E.

I sent you energy, and you blocked it.

I KNOW!!!!

But I didn’t.

Not really.


I feel that I don’t get it in my left side.

My left side.

Turn around.
photo 5  Just like that.

The sign appeared.

In a space of grace I was shown.


Under a sky sprinkled with birds and clouds.

A sky smeared with shades of blue and shades of gray and white.


Salt water. Murky water. Rain water.

On a bench with her.




We saw the sign.

And seeing myself like that.

I knew.

I know.

God is not dead.

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