So Far Today

101_1385 101_1368Seen:=:  Simon Evan’s Doubt Manifesto. A nun in a grey habit sitting on a bench counseling a young girl in a black baseball cap. A bloody sock on No Problem Joe trail. A riot of yellow and black butterflies. Peonies! Trees, tReEs, and more TrEeS. John Denver lyrics carved into rocks. Well worn wealth. A black snake slithering off the trail into the grass.  Cottonwood (?) cotton floating in the sky like tiny faeries.

Smelled~.~.~.~. Wet grass. Diesel exhaust. Peonies! Hot pink roses. Rose oil on my freshly scrubbed skin. Pine tReEs. Wet sheep dogs. Sweat.

Tasted **..**.. Poached eggs ( medium ) on fresh baked 6 grain toast. Coffee made from 4 kind of beans. Coconut water. Greek salad…….oh yeah, and……that chocolate chip walnut COOKIE!!! Diesel exhaust. My own mouth.

Felt =+=+ Love for my father . My sister. my brother. my niece. Jenna. Kristin and Co. Nikki. Melissa. Eric. Shannon. Robin. Brandy. Dana. Joan. Joe. Ken. Yvonne. Alix. Troy. Grace. Maria. Brent. Whitney. And you too. A cramp in my right middle toe. Shortness of breath after climbing one flight of stairs. Big ass gratitude. Grass tickling my bare bum cause one must consume ridiculous amounts of fluid to stay hydrated, and no toilets on trail.

Heard ((*)) ((*)) Bob Marley. Man taking orders speaking in monotone. Children screaming in delight while splashing in the river. Magpies. Dogs barking. Water rushing over rocks. God’s exhale stirring up the world, especially the TrEeS.  Opera music in vinyasa class. My own voice. My own laughter. My own breathe. My own mind…YIKES!

Touched=>.+ My toes in the Rio Grande….( just learned that it was The Roaring Fork my toes touched, silly me assuming because the trail is called The Rio Grande, the river running through it would be the same named river.)  A yoga teacher named Caroline. Peonies! A sheep dog. My own heart.

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