Happy Stuff

Waking up to a goofy dog doing downdog on my bed.


Spying wild parrots flying through the trees while I’m savoring a cool breeze on my face.

A cool breeze on my face. and arms. and other stuff too.

Sharing crispy garlic potatoes dipped in tzatziki and sriracha with an old friend who drove thirty miles one way in rush hour traffic to see me.

Another friend who insists she would take half of my pain if she could….and she means it.

A cloudy day.

Clean Jesus socks.

A huge bouquet of stargazers and other lovely blooms from yet another friend who delights me with her stories of boring lovers and running away to Thailand to escape their unwanted kisses.

A home I feel at home in.

A fan-fucking-tabulous roomate, if she were a man, we’d be married.

A curve billed thrasher outside my office window tossing rocks with his curved bill…. I know not why.

A sore throat that has disappeared overnite.

Breath that moves deep into my belly without having to make it.

A banana, blueberry, flaxseed, maca, green food, almond,  and almond milk smoothie.

A deep yoga practice at home.

A fig tree.

 New Ray Ban’s that enhance my super-sexy-coolness.

A good hair day.

A hummingbird hovering around a bush of red roses in bloom.

An unread Nick Flynn book.


A nice man who plays guitar and likes me.

Perfect timing.

A tiny green bird that just landed on the cactus outside my window…. just for a blink.

The memory of other dimensions.

My Father’s easter egg.

Writing in my notebook.

Talking to S and R.

Remembering that this too shall pass…is passing…..has passed.

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