My Sunday

Today is Sunday and I’m shining.

It’s all internal, the shining. I’m mostly keeping it to myself, savoring the warm buzz of contentment on this late Sunday afternoon. I started my day with the birds, I was pulled from my snooze by a concert of tweets and whit wheets, an alarm clock set by nature.  After my requisite coffee, and a bowl of cottage cheese, berries of the blue and straw varieties, and sprinkled with shaved almonds and  drizzled with agave nectar , I drove the thirty minutes to Gateway trailhead in juicy silence. I met a friend and we hiked seven miles, half of it craggy and vertical, half of it just craggy. I felt anemic and I said so, the air quality today was less than fair, but up, up, up we went, pushing through the resistance to make our way to Bell’s Pass. We talked about the audacity and ignorance of a specific man, maybe man is too strong a noun for him, as I don’t consider his behavior to be manly. I told my friend that I wasn’t even angry at this male creature, I actually felt sorry for him. Anyone who behaves in such a way is someone we should say prayers for……..even if he is a douche.  We talked about nurses who are hard to work with, nurses who are fun to work with, bad doctors and good doctors, dying people, lack of nursing aspirations, weight training, writing, yoga, volleyball, global awareness and tunnel vision, plasma, bad attitudes, and how DS aka douche, and JB aka outlaw are  quite similar.  We ate oranges and nuts and watched a woman try to tie the sole of her shoe back on with a white bandana.  After 3 hours we were at the end of our hike. We shared a sweaty hug and said goodbye….”see you Tuesday!”  On my way home I stopped and got a seven amigos wrap for lunch. It was free cause the last time I bought one it was missing the cheese and guacamole, which made it only five amigos, which was not enough amigos, which was no bueno. I talked to a friend I miss terribly as I drove home, and we didn’t make plans to meet. I came home to my wondeful new home and enjoyed my spinach tortilla stuffed with rice, beans, cheese, guacamole, corn, peppers, onions, and tofu. That’s 8 amigos. I added the tofu. It was muy bueno.  I made my way to the sofa with my new book, a memoir called  Wild- From Lost To Found on The Pacific Crest Trail. I’m too lazy to go into details about it. It’s full of juicy emotional wrting, the kind that makes you feel her pain and struggle. yadayadayada…I’m certain I will feel her triumph eventually too.  I fell asleep, a deep sunday nap on a deep sunday afternoon. I don’t remember dreaming, but I do remember praying as I fell into the sweet arms of a daytime slumber. I said prayers of gratitude for my groovy life and prayers of forgiveness for the douche who I’m pretty sure doesn’t know any other way to be except douch-ee. I woke up some time later to the sound of a motorcycle’s screaming engine– my roomate and her boyfriend back from a picnic at The Farm.  I ate a mango fruit bar. I wrote a letter describing my strengths and weaknesses, and sent it along with a part of my memoir to The Aspen Summer Words juried narrative non-fiction workshop. They only take twelve writers….I decided if I don’t get in, I’m going to a non-juried conference. I will road trip the 700 miles to Aspen,  just me, my mind and the open road, I will stay in a hostel and meet interesting people, and perhaps I will make love to a complete stranger.  Something to look forward to on this Sunday. Today I am writing this cracker dry blog post but I’m shining inside, and now I shall go back to the sofa and stew in my radiance while needing nothing at all.  Happy Sunday 🙂

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