12/31 Agitation. Frustration. Sit down, shut up, WRITE. Finish 1st chapter of book. Finally. Rough. Rough. Rough draft. Fuck yeah. Run around Lake Merritt w S. Lunch at Cafe Gratitude. I Am Accepting. Overstuffed suitcase x2. 4 new books. 1 new notebook. Carry on heavy with goodness. Oakland airport. Green tea soy latte unsweetened. flight delayed 25 minutes. Christmas Carols. Still. Sun setting slowly in my 2 dark brown Ray Banned eyes.

12/30  Cool morning in Big Sur. Trader Joes instant coffee with organic half and half. Mittens. Sunrise . Surfers. Pelicans. Waves crashing. Campers. Outhouse. Old Creamery trail. Poison Oak. Twisted Sycamore (maybe) Nepenthe for 4 hours. Blue jay. Blue bird. Eggs Benedict with king crab and avocado, hollandaise on side.  Bottomless coffee cup. Freewrites. Hoi Toi Buddha x6. Sachets for J. Gorey tarot for E. Sweeping, Dizzying, Intoxicating… ocean views.  4 hours later….cartwheels on the beach as the sun sinks into the ocean. word associatIon game. So funny. So f’ing funny. Laughter. Billy Joel.  Ocean mist like rain. Spam: pork in ham. Dinner at Old Jerusalem between 25th and 26th on Mission. Falafel, hummus, babaganouj, ful, Arabian salad, cauliflower, eggplant, radishes, green olives, hot crispy pita. Ambrosia. Beautiful friends. Bay Bridge.  Light 75 bucks on fire. Sit. Sleep. Dream.

12/29  Happy Birthday!!! Presents. Hugs. 6 mile hike. Sudden oak death. Banana slug. 10 varieties of wild mushrooms! Red woods! Ocean!!! Poached eggs. Wild smoked salmon. Homemade oatmeal and molasses bread. Whipped cream cheese. Onion. Fried leeks. Tomato. Avocado. Yum. Henry Miller library!! Yay!! Read. Write. Be happy. Really happy. Pfieffer beach at sunset. Holy beauty batman! Play and scream like children. Rock climbing. Wet camera. Memory card salvaged. Hooray! Dog chasing stick into crashing waves. Purple sand. Hot pink sky. Ocean made of boiling liquid glass. Love. So much love. Write. Sleep. Dream.

12/28  Wake up smiling . Walk to French cafe. Drink French coffee. Eat organic pear and S’s salad greens. Queen. Another one bites the dust. Check out of Europa hotel and hostel. Bags carried by man who refused tip. He meant it. Hug S with my heart. Arms full of bags. Drive to Big Sur. Read Kerouac “Big Sur” aloud to S and S. Burritos on highway one. Hike. Check in. Salad. Boursin cheese. Crackers. Chips/salsa. Failed home made hot chocolate. Write. Sleep.

12/27  San Francisco. North beach. Fishermans wharf.  Coit tower. Parrots. China town. Dim sum. BART. Mission. Sunflower Vietnamese. Lemongrass tofu. Bus. Golden Gate park. Tea garden. DeJong museum. California Science Center. Salt rock lamp.  Judah Bus. Memories. PMS. Irish pub . Financial district. Wine and French fries. Bad Italian food in North Beach. Salad sent back. Pasta sent back. City Lights book store. Poets chair. Write. Buy Baca’s A Place To Stand. S buys Kerouac’s Big Sur. ( later as im reading… Mr. kerouac Refers to the bookstore; City Lights where S bought book.) North Beach=Beat Central. Sleep over strip club. Orange foam stuffed ears.

12/26  Cab to 310 Columbus avenue from BART. Europa hotel/hostel, 36 bucks a nite. One pillow. 2 towels. Bathroom in hall. North Beach. Beat poets. Little Darlin’s strip club. The Condor. The Stinking Rose. Garlic. The Saloon. Oldest bar in SF. Open since 1860. I say, b4 i understand what North Beach MEANS..” Jack Kerouac was here!!!” Lemmy look-alike. Scads of men. Black label and h20. Beautiful wasted artist type. Too drunk to use words to hit on me. No thanks. S  says she has been mind fucked by drunk German who refers to America as “pussyland!” Dance! Climb stairs. Sleep.

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