Fuzzy eyed, No manipulation x 2= wasted hours x 5. Production, coffee, beauty, Hazy day, skies full of birds, Distraction. Turkey taco meat, ripe green avocado, ekzekial tortilla, Emails oozing support, top down, seat warmer on, stamps, bills, bank, green backs, sweat, roman chair, new white Mary Jane danskos size 37, moisturizer mix up, Gingeraide kombucha, non-offensive canadian used car salesman selling american keyless entry used cars, Glasgow in 4 weeks, laundry, dog hugs, friend hugs, sushi, salty crispy French fries, salty crispy French fries, slow tunnel visioned waitress with skinny arms and jade bracelet, fuzzy blue blanket, sleepy eyes, yummy book, me, myself and I.

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