With Windchill

5am,510am,520am, 1 degree with windchill. Heater blowing blessings. Via and organic half and half. Vanilla flavored lipgloss. Grace of God. 100 crunches. Prayer of St Francis for 30 minutes while driving under a freezing black sky. Running. Bright lights, sirens, and long deep sighs. Slowing down. Speeding up. Gentle presence mixing with intentional touch. Celiac plexus block. Yes. No. Yes. Numbness. Blue eyes shining. The top of the world. Metastatic Disease. Pain. Brilliant minds. Resources. Hellish Prognosis. Denial. Family. Drugs. Drugs. Drugs. Angels. Support. Shoulder rub. Laughter. Taste bud death. Sweet potatoes. Amazing boob job. 2 Glorious bags of Blood. Birthday cake. Waking from the dead, for now. Prayer. Wine. Tubes. Tears. Acceptance. Laughter. Tired. Life. Death. Connection. Hope. Sleep. Peace.

The best in the world.

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