I Am Not A Hippie



And, I’m pretty sure you’re not either. Why all the confusion?  That zeitgeist passed a long flipping time ago people.

I have been called “hippie” by family, friends, and complete strangers. Just because I drive a VW bug,  dig  peace and love,  avoid useless TV noise, meditate, practice yoga, and eat organic food does not award me hippie status.  This simply makes me smart. Those dirty drop-outs were smart. 

But here is a checklist to be sure, in case you think you may be , or that you may know someone who is a  “hippie”

You might be a HIPPIE if :            

(Please note: you must check at least three to qualify as a hippie)

* You lived during the sixties, or you currently live in the sixties, ( if you are there NOW , I would LOVE to meet you! please contact me.)

* You live in San Francisco.

* You are NOT a productive member of society.   

* You wear flowers in your hair.

 * You smoke dope and drop Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds.

* You get in on with all of your friends, and their friends, and on and on to infinity.

* Love- in’s and protests simply leave no time in your schedule for working and bathing.

See what a narrow-minded perspective I have of this generation, I am obviously not one of them.

The truth is, I think it is offensive to THEM, not to me, to call ME, or folks with hippie tendencies, hippies. It is disrespectful to a generation to label complacent consumers ( comparatively)  such as myself “hippie.”  I don’t even watch the news,  and I don’t really care what’s going on in politics.  Everyone in that world has an agenda, seemingly self serving ones, so I don’t waste my time trying to figure out the crazy people.  I’d rather fill my head with bird songs and poetry,  and I’m certainly not protesting. 

Or am I?  Maybe my turning away from all of the insanity and focusing my energy on what’s in front of me,  and seeking out the beauty in the world is a bit of a “fuck you” when others are consumed with the nightly news, the economy, murder,  rape and politics, so they may “stay informed.”   I happen to think it’s helpful to others to be happy and full of love,  and not so helpful to share your opinion about how awful it all is,  it is helpful to focus on what is RIGHT, in a world where people have a tendency to do the opposite.   We live in a culture where it is expected  to open your mouth and eat all the fear that is being served up all-you-can-eat style, all the time.

Why eat that junk?  So you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets?  So you can be up on current events, so that you may add some ingredient to the shit stew being served up around the office? So you feel more tight, more fearful, your breath more shallow, thus creating more tightness,  more fear, and less breath in the world around you.  I don’t get it.  Maybe if you were going to go out and catch that thief, or spend your life studying the psyches of the politicians, and then their agendas…….maybe then you could make an informed decision. Maybe YOU should run for office.  The bullshit is that thick.

As if we were in control of anything……

Maybe I’m a Nippie.  A new hippie?  A  Neo hippie? 

Labels Schmabels.

The orange blossoms are blooming, go smell the sky hippie!

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