Dear Kate,


It’s me, Kate.

I’m writing you from the future, cause I know you’ve been feeling anxious about your upcoming move away from all that is safe and known.   The big empty space before you is filled with uncertainty and fear. Goblins, bloodsuckers and liars peer out from behind once locked doors in your mind.  It’s on purpose, and your job is to call their bluff.   Oh, and when shot  in the heart with your intention, they simply vanish.  They have no real power my love, they are made of the past, of dust and smoke. 

Also…You have plenty of time.  Relax.  Everything gets done on time.  30 pairs of shoes are easily pared down, all that you love is passed on to be loved some more.  Books?  Think boxes. All of your “stuff” is divided in ways that will please you. Some is with you, but most is shared with others.  You leave Phoenix feeling light and empty. Imagine that.  You take the turquoise Ganesha picture, it looks fabulous in my new apartment, and it removes obstacles too, kookookeechoo 🙂

I have so much to tell you!  I don’t want to spoil the surprises, but I will tell you that you can relax.  Your intuition is correct about coming here.  I love my new living space, it’s bright and light, and big enough to turn a cartwheel, even with a skipping start.  There is a  a garden, and like Grandpa Albert, I have a green thumb! I walk to my new yoga studio, and freestyle dance happens right around the corner every Sunday!  I LOVE IT!  There is a park with gigantic trees and a lake that I run and bike around regularly.   The bird population blows my mind, the songs they sing transport me  to a world I never had access to in Phoenix.  It’s truly otherworldly tweeting and chirping.

My new job makes my mind explode with more questions, I am engaged, and a dynamic member of a crazy cool team.  It’s a freakin pleasure to go to work.  I work with a group of people almost as kick ass as the folks at Mayo.  These people are kind, supportive, brilliant, funny, and they are pushing the edges of medicine and healing into wickedly exciting new dimensions.  The pay makes my head spin.  A million dollars an hour?  Really?  Okay! 

The book is coming along, it’s amazing how this move has thrust me into hyper-writing mode. Are you ready for this? I got a book deal.  They want to publish my memoir!  It happened so randomly that I am  quite sure this life is a dream.  No pinching!

Best for last.  LOVE is here. The funky sweet love involving a member of the opposite sex…..haha!  I’m not telling you anymore.  He delights me, that’s all I’m saying.

Can’t wait to see you.  Please relax and breathe, enjoy your time in the desert.  Spend gobs of time with your friends,  and let them know how much you love them.  They come to visit often, but I do miss them. It’s not the same.  Don’t worry,  I have made lots of new friends too! 

I gotta run, I have a deadline at my door,  but I wanted to write you because I love you so much,  and hoped I could help ease some of your mental twisting.  RELAX, it’s all smooth sailing from here on out 🙂

I love it here, and so do YOU!

Love, Kate

P.S. You will love what the moisture has done for my hair!!!!

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