Starving Person Visits All You Can Eat Buffet ~Part 1

It had been over a year.  Over a year since I had done the wild thing, even longer since I had done the wild thing in a way that satisfied me, in a way that was WILD.  My resolution for 2010 is to LIVE NOW!!  To hell with regrets, needing things to be “a certain way ” to enjoy life!  This gets sticky when you marry this to dating. At least for me it does.

His arrival to my world felt auspicious. Batman had been hanging around my mind, and I was so distracted by the thought of his lips and other parts, that I jumped back into the world of online dating to distract myself from what I knew was probably the equivalent of a big ass slice of chocolate cake.  The 2010 resolution was not thrown out the window, I just know Batman and I know how I feel after “chocolate cake”, full and kind of sick and regretful.  I had been to this dating  site before, just not in a long time, so when I paid my 60 bucks for three months, I was surprised and delighted to find my inbox full of emails!  They keep your profile visible to attract potentials, and then send you emails telling you that you have interested suitors sending you winks and full messages, “rejoin now to see who’s interested”,  I was ignorant to this because I had reserved this email address for online dating adventures.  60 dollars later, Viola! Instant man attention without leaving the safety of your home!  The first message was sent just 7 hours before my rejoining!  It’s subject read, ” you are the reason I finally paid” ,  from his photograph it was hard to say if he was a McSexy,  just 1 photo of him with sunglasses, but the body of his message shoved me into some other dimension reserved for other-dimensional experiences.  ” I will be returning to  the Sonoma/SF area in April where I find myself most happy.”  Really?  ME TOO!!!  I don’t remember the other emails.

So, when I say AUSPICIOUS… Did  you hear how this was sent just seven hours before I rejoined?  AND, I hadn’t been thinking about rejoining, it just occured to me while obsessing about Batman at the dogpark an hour earlier….”I have been watching from the sidelines, not ready to join but your profile showed up in my Daily 5, and I finally paid just for you!”  Okay, there is DEFINITELY something SPECIAL going on here, don’t you think?  When I returned his email IMMEDIATELY after receiving it, ( there is no reason to waste time when the gods are conspiring!!!)  He immediately responded back saying, ” I’m on my way to a 6pm yoga class”  

OMG!!!  ME TOO!!!!!  And I was…..

To Be Continued……


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