Starving Person Visits All You Can Eat Buffet~Part 2

  I visit psychics sometimes.  I like to get an unbiased perspective about what I’m creating in my life. My Mom was a professional psychic, so I don’t think this practice is odd or at all  in league with the devil. I think this is a good way to have a clear mirror placed in front of me, so that I can get a better view of myself and what might be around the corner. Provided of course, you have a “good” psychic, and not some coke addicted projector queen sitting across from you telling you all about HER, while pretending it’s you. This has happened to me, she advised downers ( xanax, ativan,) as a way to get through nursing school, she cautioned I would burn out my adrenal glands if I didn’t take heed of her warnings. She had popped a few little pills into her mouth before sitting down to tell me this. Gypsy. My Mother had warned me about “gypsies”, false prophets, my gut knew I was experiencing just this. I left feeling much worse.  I didn’t take her advice, and I’m now a nurse with adrenal glands intact.

 Trust yourself when it comes to choosing your oracle, you’ll know if he/she is a clear mirror by the way you feel when they tell about your past, present, and future.  Maybe you won’t, but this is a fun way to spend a Monday afternoon, bring a friend and listen in to her reading and let her listen to yours. It’s great fun to be able to say, “hey, remember what the psychic said?”, when something happens that resembles their predictions.

 This is what happened when I told Selena about the message I received after I rejoined the online dating site . He had sent it just 7 hours before I came back and he was moving to the bay area the same time I was, and he was also going to the 6pm yoga class! Selena and I had gone to Vision Quest book store about a month before this, and had eaves dropped on one another’s readings.  I had seen this psychic before and I liked her a lot, much of what she had told me during our last visit had come to pass.  She was a reiki master, a Jewess, and she was beautiful and aging gracefully, something I really appreciate.  My usual spirit directed queries are related to men and relationships ( yawn),  but this time I was interested in guidance related to my career and what has become known as,” the great escape” .  I was having some anxiety about moving and leaving the safety of home, I was seeking confirmation about what I already knew just below the surface of my restless mind, “GO!” I received the green light and, without even asking, an assurance that “on the heels of my move”,  I would meet a man, a funny man, a man just getting out of “ a silly relationship”, a relationship where he lost some money, but would bounce back with no problem.  She said, “we are talking soulmate stuff.”  “ Do you want children?” she probed, “ you can have one if you want, he wants kids.”,  “ I’m ambivalent.” I said, still soaking in the tingling sensation that moved up my spine and shot out the top of my head when she said asked me if I was in a relationship, to which I replied with a laugh,  “ I’m in the opposite of that.”, she responded, “ you will be”, she said this with the authority of a great sage, and I felt an electricity in my body that said “yes, this is so.”

 I spoke with him the next evening, after he friend-ed me on facebook, and said he “needed” my phone number.  I liked his voice, deep and melodic. I can usually tell if I’ll be attracted to a man by the sound of his voice.  He told me within the first three minutes of our conversation that he wasn’t actually “divorced”, as his profile stated, he was instead, “ almost divorced”, he had been separated for a year, and the divorce was to be final in a month.  Wow, I thought, he’s so honest and up front.  He even said he would wait until it was final to contact me if that was a problem.  It wasn’t. I told him that his fib was  was okay, because I wasn’t actually 34 like my profile stated, I was 38, to which he chirped, “I know, I saw that on facebook”  Our conversation flowed, we laughed , I told him about Katie, he asked me if I wanted more children cause he wanted at least one.  He was Jewish. We made plans to meet the next day. I went to sleep comforted by his arrival, HE was early.

My projections  began  before we even spoke.  Psychic predictions aren’t set in stone, when she said I would meet him on “the heels” of my move perhaps it turns out it was on  ”the toes”.  Energies shift, nothing is static.   I had enough information to begin building my castle full of projections.  He was here, and I was so happy.

To be continued…

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