Saturday In Paradise

Wake up at 6:07 am.  Analyze  dream…loaf of bread, serated knife….urinating on really nice berber carpet.  Dream Dictionary. This will take a while. Distract self from dream by writing one  really wretched paragraph about online dating. Drink 2 cups of Via  mixed up with organic vanilla soymilk.  Awake. Drive to Camelback mountain while chanting om, the sun is breaking through the clouds and I’m feeling hopeful.  Expect a long wait at Echo Canyon, my om has turned to prayers, Thank you for these legs, this breath, this friend right behind me waiting for a parking space, this mountain, ommmmmmmm.. Eat half organic banana, call Kim to offer her other half, she declines.  9 minute wait and we are parked and catching up on the last 3 months. Spill our beans while scrambling and huffing, laughing and remembering why that day in the hospital nurse and patient shared giggles and email addresses and became friends.  She will be 40 in May, she just ran a marathon in 3 hours and 54 minutes.   Show her where Andre died.  See Teresa and Brittany on the way down, hug them both and forget Kim’s name during introductions.  forgiven by Kim. Top down.  Elements for breakfast.  Eggs, oatmeal, hot chocolate and cold coffee. Patio seating and girl talk. hugs. home. dog park. new friends. Yoga.  Hanuman with the top down. South Phoenix. Old friends/family.  Hugs from little girls. red wine. dancing. lots of dancing.  Bob Schneider, Tom Petty, and The Go-Go’s. Rubbing the feet of a 66 year old goddess. Appointments made with Dr Xiao for 2 full treatments on Sunday at 3pm. Spinach salad and wild alaskan salmon from the Old Town farmers market. Laughing. Laughing. Laughing. The laughing lasts for an eternity. I don’t remember the joke.  Holding the hand of my 11 year old goddaughter while watching a rerun of American Idol.  Drive Hani home.  Drive Kate home. Life.  Saturday.  Magnificent.  Thank  You.

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