Privileges – a freewrite

I am privileged I know.. I have good skin and teeth.  I live in a country rich and full of all of it…What do you want?  That’s the problem. ALL OF IT and NOW.  Not really true, I just want the perfect Kate experience which I suppose is happening now and forever it’s now and again just this, I am always amazed at the simplicity of the mess, it all seems too big and  I want to manage it and break it off into bite size pieces, cut it up and freeze it , put into jars and give it away as gifts at christmas.  It’s all too big to eat in one sitting, in one lifetime…..I am overwhelmed by this.  This world, what is the world?  what is the definition of the world?  If I were a more savvy girl, savvy in the way of computers and buttons and links I would take myself to and look it up and share.  My mind is curious now and would like to expound on the subject, for how long no one knows…Is the world the same as the universe…Are there multiple worlds like there are universes?  When we say THE BEST IN ALL THE WORLD…don’t we mean ULTIMATELY?  To infinity…guess what? I no longer care.  Who doesn’t care?  Well the thinker with the thoughts is moving on now so keep up pokey…we’re on to the next thing.  There is always a new thing. Welcome to my mind.  My mind….Who’s mind?  Coffee coarsing through her body now, the caffeine wrestling with her intestines, demanding space….nutty I know, but this is her mind and it really has no filter…her mind has no support hose to keep itself in place, to keep her from growing variscosities in percieved reality, so there they are, little lines of useless energy, wasted and obvious. Seeking out a specialist to extract these annoying little blemishes……..Privileged to spend her time masturbating with her mind. No worries, just wonderings and the accompanying accsessories,  like throwing down with the questions and some answers and mostly just questions and who really cares?  I have the luxury of letting my mind be messy and sticky. It’s a privilege I know.  Like most privileged folks, I take it for granted.  I tend to think it’s holding me like a vice……


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