It’s Sunday and Here I AM~a freewrite

Too many thoughts competing for my attention…What to do first?  Sit down and shut up, the obvious most intelligent answer.  But I wont, I’ll plan my way into distraction, all the planning and manipulating of reality…it’s actually easy.  The hard part is to decide where to place my big fat’s so big it holds the world, and within this world is EVERYTHING, so how to pick from EVERYTHING…I don’t know, I want to give the reigns to someone else, show me how????  A life coach, perhaps that’s the answer…pay someone to manage me.  Pay someone to manage and organize my fabulous thoughts, seperate them from the ones  that aren’t worthy of my head space…any takers?  The pay will be worth your time. I am fabulously wealthy, and money is no object….Just come here you, have a seat and I will spill all over you,  all the nonsense mixed in the stew with illuminations, brilliance beyond your simple comprehension…oh, maybe you aren’t up to the job, maybe you wouldn’t recognize the absolute TRUTH dripping like nectar from my fluid mind, you might mistake it for the amalgamated shit stones that come more often…..corn and peanuts mixed in with diamonds and pure organic blistering truth. Who are you applying for this job?  Who do you think you are?  I know….you are me…I get it…So, Kate whatddya think?  U up for it?  U wanna do the dance of creation with a partner that will twirl you and dip you at intervals unexpected and have your imagination led down dark alleys, and through forests littered with dead things and alive things and into the sky and surrounded with the nothingness and everythingness simultaneously?  Well okay, of course…it’s my dream job!!!!  Thank you, thank you!!!!  Thank you for PICKING ME!!!!

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