I Feel Most at Peace When~a freewrite

I feel most at peace when I’m at PEACE. My mind is still,  moving through space one step at a time.  Stopping to contemplate textures and smells when they insist. Spaces opening up to reveal treasures unwilling to be clung to .  They are wise, sharing their wisdom by expanding to my yielding, and to my grasping they contract.  It is clear and breezy.  Easy to read the signs laid out, unfolding. The most prevalent emotion is…..None?  There aren’t any emotions associated with peace…Welcome analyst Kate, called in to investigate this ponderance.  She is on the job, and can always be relied upon to to dissect, rationalize,  dismiss and of course rearrange any thought that needs reformatting. Whatever supports her , who is she? Oh, poof!!!!  She’s gone, can’t see her anymore….Back on my path now, bare feet on the moist ground.  It just rained, and my toes are squishing into the cool muddiness.  My heel toe creating a rhythmic sound to heel toe to. The air is soft and sweet, like a first kiss after a  long sleep away from eachother.  Little baby buds are insisting on showing their crowns, saying hello.  Waiting for the sun to amplify their ascent from rootsville.  I watch the sun spreading the clouds, having heard the babies pleas for a new perspective…He shines his life on their bright newness, with everything he is worth, he beckons them forth to now.  Peace, peacefull, full of peas….baby peas. Not a problem to be solved, not an equation to be balanced, only this life spread out before me.  Lovingly acknowledged and passionately tangoed with…..Present tense and Complete.

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