How Big Is God? ~ a freewrite

This morning I woke up with my mind spilling over the edges of it’s recently expanded borders.  I was thinking about GOD, or G-D…the creator, the universe..whatever floats your boat , but you get my drift???  God broke apart into gazillions of pieces to experience himself/itself /THESELF….I am a bit of this, but I am all of this, so are you. The dogs and cats and birds and rats…god thought, ” how many different faces and fur types am I?”  Unlimited……The flowers and trees, squirrels , fish and bees…And then my mind got bigger and I jerked and squirmed in my red flannel sheets as this thought occured…this is just earth!!!!  Of course there is life on other planets, GOD must know himself in other environments, I’m like this with oxygen, and like this with nitrogen, oh, neato here I am with Puffigen…One eye, 20 eyes, no eyes, blue eyes, green eyes,  JUST EYES!!!!  You think you matter??  You do matter, YOU ARE GOD…but so is EVERYONE and EVERYTHING  EVERYWHERE….And he just keeps on going, dying and rebirthing , evolving and devolving.   Every creation exquisite and unique.  Don’t be envious or scared….Or do be envious and scared if that’s how U R.  That’s how G_D made you, just perfect like that….All of us are the projected holograms.  This magnificent capacity for creation is available to each and every one of us……NOW…we are this creation….So go CREATE…

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