If you aren’t in Phoenix right now, I feel sorry for you.  Our weather will kick the shit out of the weather wherever you are….

70’s and sunshine, top down, tunes up….Mermaid Avenue Volume 1, competing with the  singing chorus of sky dancers.  A good friend by my side.

Our sky is full of dollops of white cream floating in blue breeziness.  The trees are singing an ode to the ocean. 

Our mountains are screaming green.  I’M ALIVE!!!  Come run up my back NOW!  And so we did….

The Sun has kissed my skin just the perfect shade of olive glowiness.  I love being Mediterranean.  Thanks Dad.

 Winked at by a newly born Lupine popping it’s purple head out of a sea of much more mature orange poppies.  She said,  “hey, look at me, look at me, aren’t I pretty???!!!”   I whistled at her,  wolf style, to let her know I thought she was very, very , pretty indeed.

I picked baby romaine, oregano, italian parsley, spinach, and mint from a kind strangers garden and I  plan to eat it all up after a quick prayer of gratitude to the  garden goddess Nicole.

Springtime in the desert.  I never want to leave.  Wish you were here.

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