I’m Late

It’s 2am,my ears are full of Bob Schneider and my hair is full of soy sauce.  I’m here at Rich’s house ,  He is taking a bubble bath and he just asked me to get in, but I’m writing…I’m clearly writing and I’m late.  I’m 2 hours late for this post and no one cares but me, but who in the hell else matters cause according to all good logic, I am everyone, so ..you see my point, no?

Tonite we dined on sushi and french fries with sriracha and drank row 11 pinot noir.  We built a hookah almost from scratch, and  from this we  smoked canteloupe flavored tobacco .  This blue  floral hookah compliments of Jen..whoever she is.

Katie wrote me tonite, sharing her kick ass GPA 3.7, yay! … she is the highlight of my life!!! 

Stephen doesn’t have cancer…FUCK YEAH!!!  Thank you GOD!  

It’s late and Rich just kissed me….coconut verbena on his sweet flesh.  He asked me to shut things down and come to bed.

Today has been good to me.

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