For Katie

There are some very important things I want to share with you before it’s too late. I know some things about life that you may or may not learn from others or not until you’re older and maybe some of what I share will be helpful to you on your journey through this wacky world. […]

Left Side

The left side says so many things and most of them are songs that dance and tears that howl. The left side is caged animal with twisted spine and mouth wide open tongue hanging out sucking breath to ensure the dance continues. The left side is sadness. Lost self seeking flight. We used to be […]

My Name is Not Kathy Lynn Gotsis

I’m gonna spit this out so I can cross it off of my shit to write about list and get on with my life which includes a guilt-free late afternoon nap as a reward for untangling the mess of words that’s been jamming up my mind these last few weeks. Some of you already know […]